Nanyang Alumni Achievement Award 南洋校友成就奖

To recognise alumni who have gained national standing due to the significant contributions made to their chosen fields or professions that are worthy of recognition and have brought honour to the University,


To recognise alumni who have demonstrated extraordinary service, commitment and dedication for the advancement of the University. It is a one-time award for the alumni being honoured.


以及 / 或者



  • Have risen to a national level of distinction in their chosen fields, such as in one or more of the following fields: Academia, Arts, Business, Culture, Education, Health, Industry, Professions, Public or Community Service (including nonprofit organisations and government), Recreation, Science, Sports, Technology, etc, and/or 

  • Have made outstanding voluntary contributions to the University and/or been involved in activities substantially benefiting the University and/or have shown significant commitments to the advancement of the University.

  • Graduates of Nanyang Technological University or the National Institute of Education, or their predecessor institutions (Nanyang University, Nanyang Technological Institute, Teachers’ Training College and the Institute of Education) are eligible for this award.

  • Alumni who have been honoured with this award once will not be eligible to be nominated again.


  • 在所从事的一个或多个领域里,如学术、艺术、商业、文化、教育、卫生、工业、专业、公共服务或社区服务(包括非牟利组织与政府机构)、娱乐、科学、体育、技术等领域里,因取得突出成就而扬名立外的校友;以及 / 或者 

  • 为大学义务工作时表现出色,以及/或者参与对大学极有助益的活动,以及/或者不遗余力为大学发展作出全情奉献的校友。

  • 南洋理工大学或国立教育学院或者其前身(南洋大学、南洋理工学院、师资训练学院、教育学院等)的所有毕业生,都有资格角逐此奖。​

  • 曾获颁此奖项的校友,将不可重新被提名再度竞逐此奖项。​

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