General Terms for Faculty Positions

The terms and conditions of service for a normal three year contract are highlighted in brief below and are subject to rules and regulations governing the various schemes, and to changes as may be determined by the University from time to time.


  1. Contract
    A new appointee (Assistant Professor) to an academic position in the University will be placed on a 4-year contract. However, other appointments such as Associate Professor or Lecturer will be placed on a 3-year contract. Further contracts will be considered by the relevant School Reappointment Committee convened by the School Chair. Decisions on continued employment are usually conveyed to faculty members about 3 months before the expiry of their contracts.

    Tenure contract refers to a full-time permanent faculty position with no periodic contract reappointments. A faculty on tenure-track will be eligible for tenure consideration and the tenure decision for Assistant Professors will be made no later than the 7th year (4 + 3 years) of employment and Associate Professors will be made no later than the 6th year of employment.
  2. Remuneration
    Faculty members will be paid an annual salary, which shall be in Singapore currency and paid in monthly installments on or before the last working day of every calendar month. Salary in respect of an incomplete month and/or year of employment will be on a pro-rata basis. The annual salary comprises the Monthly Base Salary (multiplied by 12 months). Income tax payable on salary will be borne by faculty member.
    • Monthly Base Salary

The Monthly Base Salary of individuals will be reviewed annually by the University, and will be based on the performance of the faculty member and the national economic growth and productivity gains.

    • Performance Bonus

In addition to the payment of salary set out above, subject to the performance of the faculty member and the performance of the University, the University may in its absolute discretion decide to pay an Individual Performance Bonus.
The Individual Performance Bonus is not a contractual commitment and the University reserves the right to vary or withdraw it at any time.

    • Superannuation Benefits

Central Provident Fund (CPF) - for Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents (SPR) only.

The University and faculty members who are Singapore Citizens or permanent residents will contribute monthly to the individual’s CPF account at such rate as the CPF Act (Chapter 36) or regulations enacted thereunder may from time to time stipulate. The rates and limits of contributions are subject to revision in accordance with the rules as set out in the Central Provident Fund Act (Chapter 36). The contributions are income tax exempt. Information on rates and limits of CPF contributions are obtainable from the CPF Board’s website at

Special Payment For Foreign Staff (SPFS) - for foreigners on Employment Pass only.

The University will pay to foreign faculty members on employment pass a monthly SPFS which shall be a percentage of the individual’s Monthly Base Salary and Individual Performance Bonus which percentage shall be equivalent to the prevailing rates required to be contributed by the University to the Central Provident Fund (CPF) in respect of its local employees. The maximum amount of SPFS payable by the University shall also be equivalent to the maximum amount required to be contributed by the University to the CPF in respect of its local employees. The SPFS is subject to income tax.

  1. Benefits
    Depending upon the terms of contract offered the following benefits may be applicable:
    • On-campus Subsidised University Housing (subject to availability)
    • Medical/Dental benefits
    • 42 days of annual leave per calendar year for professorial appointments (i.e. Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor). For Lecturer appointment, the annual leave per calendar year will be 35 days. For tenured faculty, up to 8 months of academic/industrial leave after 5 years of residential service
    • Relocation assistance upon appointment for professorial appointments (i.e. Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor) and cessation of service.

All and any allowances or benefits which the faculty member may be eligible for will be subject to income tax which shall be borne by the faculty member. For further information, please refer to the website of the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) at


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