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​​​NTU MUSEUM promotes a keen awareness and strong interest in art and heritage on campus. Being part of the University, the Museum has the advantage to work with schools of various disciplines, as she focuses on an educational role, works with the artist com­munity to initiate interdisciplin­ary research and collaborations in exhibitions and programmes, and brings art to the NTU Community through an active public art pro­gramme.

Opened in 2008 and listed un­der the National Heritage Board's Approved Museum Scheme, the Museum has a modest contempo­rary and Southeast Asia art collec­tion and exhibits mostly in public spaces on campus to maximise her outreach. At the same time, the Museum aims to enhance vi­brancy on campus through active collaborations and involving the NTU Community in art initiatives  and programmes.

Since 2014, the Museum has been very active in strengthening its rel­evance in NTU, aligning its stra­tegic directions and contributing positively towards the University's ​Community by:

  • Building and collecting high quality artworks by reputable art­ists;
  • Making art accessible by displaying and exhibiting at prom­inent public spaces;
  • Partnering and connect­ing with other NTU departments, schools, faculty and students in classrooms to promote, start and facilitate interdisciplinary collabo­rations;
  • Involving the staff and stu­dents in exhibitions, creation of community artworks and public art installations;
  • Curating exhibitions (local and international) and archiving to make exhibitions accessible in Vir­tual Reality platform;
  • Organising art-related pro­grammes, visits and workshops


The above initiatives have far-reach­ing and positive impact. They are:

  • A high quality art collection for NTU ​​
  • Increase in awareness, par­ticipation and appreciation of art on campus
  • Enhance educational expe­rience through multiple interdisci­plinary partnerships between fac­ulty, students and staff from other schools and departments
  • Enhance learning opportu­nities as students learn new skills 
  • Enhance vibrancy and learning environment on campus through art
  • Creation of unique made-in-NTU, for NTU and by NTU Renewable En­ergy and New Media art collection. 


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