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Where Nature, Art and Science Converged in a Built Environment


NTU Community (Fabrizio Galli, Kerin Ng, Ker Ziyi and Jassmine Ng)
Mixed Media (7075 Aluminium and paint, anchored on Stainless Steel Plate)
H4500 x L3700 mm

Loop was conceptualised by NTU students Kerin Ng, Ker Ziyi, Jassmine Ng and developed under the supervision of Fabrizio Galli, Visiting Artist and former faculty member of the School of Art, Design and Media. The architectural design of The Arc sets the foundation for Loop's concept development. This is evident in the lightness and fluidity of form, enhanced with inspirations drawn from nature on campus and elements of the sciences. This 4.5-metre-tall, site-specific and interdisciplinary sculptural installation boasts a stunning visual performance of butterflies, which are commonly found on our beautiful campus. Loop consists of 1,200 butterflies fluttering on an almost invisible Möbius loop formation. This one-sided surface mathematical installation also emulates the symbol of infinity. These butterflies flutter with the slightest wind, creating a very dynamic and vibrant visual impact. The lively performance of movement is self-sustained by the environment, thus making it an eco-friendly work of art.

Loop was funded by the generous donation of the late Dr John and Mrs Dorothy Cheung, both of whom were recipients of the 2018 Patron of Heritage Award by the National Heritage Board.

The sculpture was unveiled by NTU President, Professor Subra Suresh on 15 August 2019.

Project Team

Dennis Low
Fabrizio Galli
Jassmine Ng
Kerin Ng
Ker Ziyi

Chan Keng Luck
David Tanadi

Faith Teh
Ngauw Cui Qin
Ong Puay Hoon

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