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Ms Samantha Seah Siew Cheng



Ms Samantha Seah Siew Cheng 
BSc(Hons) NUS, MSc(Info Studies) NTU 

Librarian (Instructional Services)

Library Instructional Commons (N2-B3a-01)
Email : 
Tel : (65) 6904 1288   Fax :(65) 6791 4637

Operational Responsibilities :
  1. Conduct and coordinate information literacy programs so that users have improved information seeking and usage skills. 
  2. Conduct workshops on the use of bibliographic management software EndNote so that users can manage and organise their citations and references effectively.
  3. Identify user needs and trends in academic integrity and new media in order to strategize and implement programmes for users to acquire information literacy skills for independent and lifelong learning.
  4. Train and facilitate librarians to design high quality information literacy programmes tailored to users' needs using best practices in academic integrity and information literacy in libraries.
  5. Initiate and implement suitable new media communication and materials for users to learn information literacy skills effectively in an information rich environment.
  6. Support and enhance users' independent learning with customized self-learning materials including knowledge repositories, guides, articles, videos, and self-learning AV tutorials.

Work Experience :

Samantha volunteered at a small library for a few months after graduating from her Bachelors programme and decided to pursue a career in librarianship. After completing her Masters in Information Studies, she was offered an internship and thereafter a short term contract position with SMU Libraries. Samantha joined NTU Libraries in February 2017 and is currently a Librarian with the Instructional Services Division.

​Subject Guides, Websites, etc. :

  1. InfoSkills @ NTU Libraries​ 

Professional Interests :

  1. Information literacy 
  2. Digital literacy 
  3. Information behaviour of specific populations


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