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Ms Ong Siew Chin




Ms Ong Siew Chin 
B.Business WAIT Western Australia, MSc(Info Studies) NTU 

Librarian (Library Technology Group​)

Library Technology & Systems Division (N1-B3b-18) ​​​
Email :
Tel : (65) 6592 2440   Fax :(65) 6791 4637 

Operational Responsibilities :

  1. Provide system administration and technical support for the digital stewardship of University’s intellectual output through coordination of the technical infrastructure and the systems support for the Digital Repository (DR-NTU)
  2. Explore and provide technical support related to institutional repository projects such as the Central Repository project ​

Work Experience : 

Siew Chin started her career in the IT field, implementing and maintaining financial systems for a number of years. Subsequently, she switched to multimedia development, developing training course wares on a freelance basis. Desiring to work in a library, she pursued a Master of Science (Information Studies) in NTU in 2008-2009 before joining NTU Libraries (Bibliographic Division) in March 2010.

Professional Interests :

  1. Information Organisation
  2. Digital Libraries
  3. Information seeking skills 

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