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Ms Du Juan




Ms Du Juan 
BA(Lib & Info Science) Beijing Univ, MSc(Computer Science) NUS 

Assistant Director (Library Technology & Systems)
Science Librarian (Mathematical Sciences) 

Library Technology & Systems Division (N1-B3b-18) ​
Email : 
Tel: (65) 6316 2906   Fax: (65) 6792 0509


​Operational Responsibilities :

  1. Coordinate development, enhancements and support of the Library Management System and communication with relevant devices to support library functions and access to resources and services by users.
  2. Explore and expand user access to library catalogue and library resources by interfacing with online applications and tools.
  3. Coordinate, administrate and enhance the Portfolio system to support NTU digital projects.
  4. Coordinate, administrate and enhance web discovery service to provide to users a one stop access to library resources.
  5. Keep abreast of new developments in library systems technology for service enhancement to users.

Subject Librarian Responsibilities ​:

  1. Provide Mathematical Sciences (MAS) faculty, staff and students with personalized information services relevant to their disciplinary needs and norms, e.g. information mediation, research assistance, information literacy instruction, publishing support, co-curricular learning events, etc.
  2. Engage and communicate with MAS faculty, staff and students to keep up to date with course assignments, research interests, co-curricular activities, information behaviours, etc., so that services and resources can be continually updated and well suited to current needs and preferences.  

  3. Within the specific context of MAS, operationalize new capabilities and programmes developed by NTU Libraries to support academic staff and students.​

Work Experience :

Du Juan started her professional career as a system librarian at the National Library of China (NLC). She was involved in the design and development of the Library Management Systems for NLC. 

She came to Singapore to further her studies in the School of Computing at NUS in 1991. After obtaining her MSc, she joined Temasek Polytechnic Library as a system specialist to manage the library systems and applications. 

In 1998 she joined Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), the then National Computer Board (NCB), to work on various IT projects including digital library system, e-learning platform and content, knowledge management systems and processes, and corporate information management systems. 

Before joining NTU Library, she worked as a Senior Librarian at the National Library Board (NLB), Digital Library Division from 2006 to 2012. She was involved in the design and development of a L2010 project: Knowledge Infrastructure, an online socialisation and collaboration platform for public to share their knowledge and information. ​

Subject Guides, Websites, etc. :

  1. Subject Guides for Mathematics 
  2. Science Library​​ Blog

Professional Interests : 

  1. New library technology and applications
  2. Information aggregation and feeding tools and services
  3. Semantic web and linked open data technology and applications
  4. Social computing and new media

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