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Art, Design & Media Library

Highlights: Open study spaces, cinema room and individual AV viewing stations.

Collections: Visual arts, architecture, drawing, design, illustration, painting, photography and a strong collection of AV materials.

About the library: An open-concept library, it is an ideal place for artistic people to find inspiration and get creative.

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Business Library (N2-B2b-07)
Highlights: Collaborative spaces, silent study spaces, cinema room, business lounge, boardroom, language learning facilities and career research materials.

Collections: Accounting, banking, business law, entrepreneurship, finance, hospitality management, international business, management, marketing and strategy.

About the library: Emulating a modern business environment, the Business Library encourages learning through technology.     

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Chinese Library (S3.2-B5-01)
Highlights: Rare thread-bound books which include Kangxi Dictionary, Imperial Collection of Four and more.

Collections: Chinese language materials covering Chinese Literature, history, philosophy, religion, linguistics, politics, economy, sociology and management science.

About the library: It is a small but welcoming library popular with users from across the campus wishing to access Chinese language materials.

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Communication & Information Library 
Highlights: A wonderful archive of final year projects by communication students.

Collections: Advertising, broadcasting, communication research, information studies, journalism, library science, media law and ethics, public relations and related topics.

About the library: It is conveniently located within the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information.

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Humanities & Social Sciences Library
Highlights: At the library entrance, look for current news and reviews of best-selling books that will pique your interest.

Collections: Psychology, sociology, history, linguistics, literature, philosophy and public administration.

About the library: Facing a gentle green slope, it offers a setting that is conducive for reading and reflection.

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Lee Wee Nam Library (NS3-03-01)

Highlights: Collaborative learning spaces, Level 5 quiet zone, recording room and an e-book gallery.

Collections: A wide range of materials on engineering and science

About the library: NTU's flagship library, named in recognition of a generous donation by the family of the late Mr Lee Wee Nam, the windows seats at Level 5 overlook our green campus and have excellent views all the way to the Straits of Johor.

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Library Outpost (LHS-01-03)
Highlights: Discovery Collection, Books Your Professors Read, 100 Films to Watch Before you Graduate, and the 19min Daily Discover.

Collections: Materials for general learning and learning beyond the curriculum. Audio-visual collection, and Course Reserves for HSS and NBS, including a 24/7 Automated Reserves Machine (ARM).

About the library: The Library Outpost is nestled on Level 1 of the iconic Hive. Unlike subject libraries which support in-depth disciplinary research, the Outpost promotes general learning and reading.
Note: The Outpost is not a full service library - for research assistance, please contact one of the subject libraries.

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Other Libraries in NTU

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