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Sneak Peek at the New Space at Lee Wee Nam Library​

Published on: 16-Oct-2016



If you are wondering about the renovations at Lee Wee Nam Library, here is a sneak peek at the new space coming up at the library. 

Some facilities you can look forward to in August 2017: 

  • The Event Central, in front of the E-book Gallery (the big display with e-book covers scrolling across), with amphitheater style seating. You can relax and work on the big steps or enjoy the talks and activities which we will be hosting.  
  • Rainbow coloured booths as well as circular pods to cater to users working on projects and engaging in research activities.
  • High end computers with dual or curved screens as well as specialised software for your learning and research needs.
  • Different configurations of seating, from individual seats (located by the window and with individual task lights) to long table seating as well as café style seats for learning and easy reading.





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