Student Housing

Online Application

You have to accept the offer of admission electronically before you are able to proceed to apply online for student housing.

Incoming new students are guarantee a residential place on campus in their first two years. As such, new students are strongly encouraged to submit their applications if they want to experience living on campus.

All new students, will be given accommodation when they submit the online application during the application period from  4 June 2018, 0900 hrs to 29 June 2018, 1745 hrs. No late application will be accepted. Hence, there will be no recourse if you miss this application period.

New students are assured of a place in a Hall of Residence under Premier Scholar Programme (PSP) - the CN Yang Scholars Programme, NTU-NIE Teaching Scholars Programme, University Scholars Programme, Renaissance Engineering Programme (REP) and the LKCMedicine MBBS programme must also submit application online.

Hall and Room Allocation

Allocations are made by computer to any one of the Halls of Residence. New students in PSP (except for REP) and LKC Medicine Programme will reside in either Crescent Hall or Pioneer Hall. New students in REP will reside in either in Binjai Hall, Tanjong Hall or Banyan Hall.

New students may indicate their preference for either a single or twin-sharing room, air-conditioned or non-air-conditioned room. Assignments to preferred room types are subject to availability from the rooms set aside for new students. For application to twin-sharing room, NTU or NIE new students can indicate each other as roommate. Applicants will be assigned to another room type if the preferred room type is not available

Application Fee

Students need not pay the application fee when they submit the application. The application fee of $16.05 will be charged in student E-Hostel Bill in semester 1 together with rental fees and JCRC subscription fee. The application fee includes 7% GST and is non-refundable.

Outcome of Application

The outcome of your application will be sent to your personal email account. If you do not receive the e-mail by 18 July 2018 (after 1500 hrs),you are advised to contact Ms Ng Bee Leng at 6790 5155 for further clarifications.

Application with Roommate

Freshman or Direct Entry Sophomore (DES) who chooses to stay with a senior (must be siblings of the same sex) will be allocated to the choice of Hall and room indicated by the senior. The senior would have already submitted an application and if successful, will be informed of the hall and room allocated. The freshman or DES will make an online application indicating the Hall his/her sibling is offered.

Choosing to stay with a freshman or DES who is already staying in a Halls of Residence because of the Special Term is not possible due to the different application periods.

Current Hall Rental Rates

The hall rental rates on per-person-per-month basis (subject to revision in subsequent years) for Academic Year 2017/18 for a single room or a twin-sharing room ranges from S$255 – S$590. For rental rates for each Hall, please click here

Students are advised to check their NTU student email account for billing of accommodation fees and are encouraged to pay the accommodation fees through GIRO, a system of direct debiting and crediting of bank accounts. It provides the added convenience of not having to make a trip to One Stop@SAC as well as avoiding late charges as deduction of fees will be done automatically.

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