Nanyang Technological University

Tuition Fee Miscellaneous Fee Tuition Grant

Tuition Fee

For full-time students admitted to NTU in AY2017-18, the annual tuition fees and special term fees are fixed at the rate given in the website for the duration of their degree programme.

Miscellaneous Fee

In addition to tuition fee, there is also the compulsory miscellaneous fees payable by students. Please refer to the website for details.

MOE Tuition Grant (TG)

The Ministry of Education, Singapore (MOE) provides tuition grant (TG) which covers a substantial portion of the full tuition fees to eligible students. Students who accept the tuition grant are required to pay only the subsidised tuition fee. Unless informed otherwise, students are eligible for tuition grant up to the normal duration of their degree programme.

Please refer to the website for information on the TG application, signing procedures and schedule.

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