​​Freshmen Orientation

The Undergraduate Orientation Coordinating Committee (UOCC) has implemented the Transition & Orientation Programme @ NTU since Academic Year 2017-18. The First-Year TOP experience aims to help freshmen start off right and make the transition throughout the entire first year. This resulted from surveys that were conducted with students, as well as a long consultative process involving all stakeholders, especially seniors and freshmen. Student organisers have already been briefed. For the general student body, the changes are summarised in the list of Questions and Answers below.


Prof Kwok Kian Woon
Assoc. Provost (Student Life)
Chairman of Undergraduate Orientation Coordinating Committee (UOCC)

At a glance:

Transition & Orientation Programme @ NTU

  1. What is Transition & Orientation Programme @ NTU?


Freshmen Orientation objectives and new format​

  1. What is the UOCC?
  2. What are the changes made to Freshmen Orientation?
  3. Why are changes made to Freshmen Orientation?
  4. What are the objectives of Freshmen Orientation?
  5. What has happened to Freshmen Orientation Camps (FOCs)?
  6. What kind of activities can we expect at Freshmen Orientation?
  7. Why must all Freshmen Orientation Programmes take place within two weeks?
  8. Why must freshmen be matriculated before attending Freshmen Orientation?
  9. Who decided on the new format of Freshmen Orientation?
  10. Are the students consulted about the changes to Freshmen Orientation?
  11. Why can’t the changes take place gradually?
  12. What is the new format for Freshmen Orientation?


Freshmen Orientation programme

  1. When is Freshmen Orientation in 2019​?
  2. Are overnight stays during Freshmen Orientation allowed?
  3. What is Short Term Accommodation?
  4. Is accepting every freshman who applies for Freshmen Orientation Programmes feasible?
  5. Will these changes affect the traditional Freshmen Orientation experience?
  6. Do freshmen have to pay a fee to participate in Freshmen Orientation?
  7. How is Freshmen Orientation funded?
  8. Are activities outside of NTU still allowed?


Role of student groups

  1. Why are only the Students’ Union (NTUSU), Sports Club (SC), Cultural Activities Club (CAC), and Welfare Services Club (WSC) allowed to organise Freshmen Orientation Programmes within the orientation period allocated for Student Organisations?
  2. Can Schools, Halls and Student Organisations organise freshmen activities after the Freshmen Orientation Period?
  3. When can the other Student Interest Groups conduct their Freshmen Orientation?
  4. How will freshmen get to know about the Freshmen Orientation Programmes and Welcome Week activities?

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