​PacificLight Crea8 Sustainability Competition

Event start date: 10 May 2018 - Event end date: 06 Aug 2018


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Published on: 10-May-2018

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The Crea8 Sustainability Competition encourages young Singaporeans to address environmental challenges, share stories and innovative solutions to demonstrate their passion in tackling the global challenge of sustainability and to create a sustainable Singapore.

In support of Singapore's Climate Action Year 2018, the focus of this year's competition is our climate footprint. The competition aims to inspire students to come up with ideas on what needs to be done, how it could be achieved and the expected outcomes to reduce our society's environmental footprint.


Online submission and registration forms can be found at www.pacificlight.com.sg/crea8sustainability

Frequently Asked Questions can be found at https://energy.pacificlight.com.sg/crea8sustainability/faq.aspx


If you have any questions on the competition,  please send your enquiry to:  crea8sustainability@pacificlight.com.sg.


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