2017 Charity Drive​​

Event start date: 20 Dec 2017 - Event end date: 20 Jan 2018

Venue: Senior Activity Centre, Home for Intellectually Disabled *Transportation is provided back and forth NTU 地点:新加坡老人院与智障中心 交通:免费往返NTU

Contact information:

Joyce Tan Min Min (86202712) or Chan Chin Yee (86544067)​

Published on: 20-Dec-2017

2017 Charity Drive Event date: 20th December 2017- 22nd December 2017 (Wednesday- Friday) (volunteers can decide whether to join for 1 day or 3 days) Venue: Senior Activity Centre, Home for Intellectually Disabled *Transportation is provided back and forth NTU Registration date: from now till 10th December 2017 Sign up now at: https://charitydrive17.typeform.com/to/q3ud6W Have any inquiries? Feel free to contact: Joyce Tan Min Min (86202712) or Chan Chin Yee (86544067) As the year 2017 draws to a close, do you have an idea of doing something significant to make this year ends memorably and fruitfully? If your answer is a big "YES", then here’s a good news for you! Charity Drive 2017, an annual event organised by NTU Chinese Society, is now around the corner again!! The theme for this year’s Charity Drive is , which holds the meaning of bringing warmth and laughter to six Senior Activity Centres and Home for Intellectually Disabled around Singapore. During this event, volunteers are able to interact with the elderly and children through some games and performances which prepared by our event committees. After reading the information above, has it aroused your interest to create a wonderful and joyful experience in the coming December? If it's a "YES" again, hesitate no more and join our team! 2017慈善巡回演出 活动时间:2017年12月20日- 22日 (星期三至星期五)(可选择参与其中一天或三天都参与) 地点:新加坡老人院与智障中心 交通:免费往返NTU 报名时间:即日起至12月10日 报名链接:https://charitydrive17.typeform.com/to/q3ud6W 有更多疑问?请联络: 陈敏敏(86202712)/ 陈静怡(86544067) 渐渐地,2017年已步入尾声。而你,是否有想过参与一些有意义的活动让这一年结束得既充实又富有价值呢? 那么这里有个好消息!那就是一年一度由南大中文学会举办的慈善巡回演出又再次回来啦! 此次慈巡以《向阳花开》为主题出发,目的是想把如太阳般的温暖带给新加坡全岛各地的6间老人院和智障中心。届时,志工将通过一些娱兴表演与小游戏与他们进行互动,陪伴他们度过快乐的时光。 心动不如行动!赶快报名加入义工行列,和我们一起散播爱心、传递温暖!

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