We offer many exciting career events for employers to connect and recruit NTU graduating students.  Check out the events and select those that matches your recruitment needs. For more information, please email us or contact your NTU account manager.

NTU Networking Events - Meet Our Brightest Student at The Xchange!


Meet and recruit our top talents from various disciplines at NTU Networking Events!  Graduating students with strong achievement in academic and/or extra-curricular activities will be invited to meet prestigious organisations at these customised networking events. 

It will be the best platform for your business professionals to inspire future leaders to join your organisations by sharing your experiences, work culture and career opportunities.

Focuses: Management Associate Programmes & Business, Engineering and Public Service.

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NTU Career Fair


For brand-building, visibility and close interaction with our students, nothing can match up to NTU Career Fair. 

Set up your booths, present your career offerings and make an impression to NTU students, from first-year undergraduates to postgraduates!  This traditional event has always been well-received by employers and students alike.  Maximise your resources and join us to recruit the right candidates at Career Fair!

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iFair - Virtual Career Fair

iFair is designed especially for organisations to engage the new generation of students in a virtual space.  NTU undergraduate and postgraduate students from ALL disciplines will be invited to participate in iFair. 

It will be a fascinating experience for NTU students to visit your virtual booths, view the video messages from your CEO/Line Managers/ HR/NTU Alumni, learn about your internship and graduate job opportunities, and interact with your professionals online.  Employers can also take the full advantage of the virtual environment and engage NTU students from the comfort of your office.

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Recruitment Talks

Recruitment talks on campus are an excellent channel to introduce your organisation and the career opportunities available to graduating students. 

Talks are normally held in the afternoons, around 4pm, Mondays to Thursdays.  Booking commences on 15 July and 15 December for the respective periods.

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NTU Talent Site

NTU Talent Site is a one-stop career service portal for employers to recruit NTU students for graduate positions (permanent/internship/ temporary) and brand themselves as the employer of choice.
On this web-based system, employers are able to broadcast job opportunities, receive applications, shortlist candidates, and schedule interviews conveniently.  Companies can create their profile and get connected with all NTU students (undergraduates and postgraduates). 

Register at http://talentsite.ntu.edu.sg/employer.



An extension to the Talent Site, NTU will launch its first-of-its-kind talent matching service NTU Talent Express in Sep/ Oct 2012, in partnership with cut-e Consulting Singapore Pte Ltd.  We aim to help employers identify talent by matching the requirements of the company, to the specific job position available.

Introducing the professionally accredited career profiling tool developed by cut-e, this service will enable employers to recruit candidates based on the relevance of students’ qualifications, learning styles, capabilities, interests and preferred intelligences. This in turn will allow for a better match between student and the specific job role offered by you and a higher return on investment by your recruitment efforts.

cut-e is the world leader in the design and implementation of online tests and questionnaires for use in recruitment, selection and development of people in the business world. All of cut-e’s tests and questionnaires are scientifically validated psychometric instruments developed by cut-e's team of qualified occupational psychologists. 

In partnership with:

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Grad Recruit 

GradRecruit is a 3-in-1 event: info-sharing, networking cum interviews. This
recruitment event is aimed at employers who are looking to recruit graduating
students with a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree or PhD. The event is
scheduled after the students’ final examinations, and is the last recruitment
event on campus.

Employers will be provided with tutorial rooms to conduct info-sharing and
networking sessions in the morning, and interviews in the afternoon. During the
morning session, students will be free to visit employers in the rooms to gather
information on available career opportunities, and submit resumes directly to
their preferred employers. In the afternoon, employers can conduct interviews
in the rooms. These interviews will be pre-scheduled. Back to top

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