NTU alumni email and network account

​​NTU has provided a host of email services to you from the time you were a student all the way till after your graduation when you become an alumnus of NTU. The NTU mailbox was issued to you as a student and if you have just graduated, you can keep this account for life.

Graduates from the Class of 2018 and thereafter will now be able to keep your NTU email and network account automatically, without the need to apply for account retention. Only the domain will change from STUDENT to ASSOC on 1 January of the year following your graduation. You will continue to have access to Career & Attachment Office (CAO)'s online jobsite.

For Class of 2017’s and the preceding Classes’ graduates, you will be given two accounts: (1) Office365 email ; (2) ASSOC network account, which you can keep for life. You will be provided with an email address ending with @e.ntu.edu.sg. This will recognise you, our alumni, as part of NTU. With this alumni mailbox, you can now identify yourself as the privileged Alumni of NTU and keep in touch with all your fellow University mates!

Do note that if you have graduated from more than 2 degrees in NTU/NIE, you can only have one (1) alumni email account.

An email with activation instructions will be sent out between May to June 2018. Click here to contact us if you do not receive the instructions.

Please include these details in your email for verification purposes: Your request, Full name, NRIC/Passport/FIN, School, Graduation year, Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY), Mailing address and Contact number.

If you already have an existing NTU alumni email and network account, you can continue to use it.

If you have forgotten the password for your account, you may contact NSS Service Desk to reset your password for both (1) ASSOC network account and/or (2) Office365 email. Please note that Service Desk staff may require your personal details for verification purposes.

For further assistance, please send us an email with the following details: Full name, IC/Passport number, Date of Birth, First degree and Graduation year.

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