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NTU Alumni Association (Taiwan) was established in 2012 with 137 alumni. The photographs above and described below depict the vision of the AA.

Shifen Waterfall
Taiwan's largest curtain falls, the 20-metre tall Shifen Waterfall sources from headwaters of the Keelung River. During its long journey through magnificent mountain views, the river grows into an imposing force destined to continue eternally. Like the waterfall, the legacy of NTUAA (Taiwan) will live on and make its mark on the landscape.

Taipei 101
Taipei 101 towers above the city as one of the most recognised landmarks in Taiwan. Symbolising ambition and aspiration, it represents the essence of Taiwan and was once the tallest building in the world. NTUAA (Taiwan) has the same drive to stand proudly above while serving alumni and society.

Alishan Mountain Train
The Alishan narrow gauge railway ascends 2,186m through the popular Alishan mountain resort. Steadily climbing over switchbacks, 50 tunnels, and 77 wooden bridges, the train completes its great journey toward the summit. NTUAA (Taiwan) similarly advances steadily in growth and prosperity.

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NTU Alumni Association (Taiwan)

Dr Lo Li-Chun 羅立群博士
Tel: (8​​86)912486606
Number of alumni in Taiwan 在台湾的校友人数: 228

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