NTU Alumni Association (Anhui)


NTU Alumni Association (Anhui) was officially launched on 18 June 2011, with Mr Yue Chuanjing as its President and Mr Ruan Yonggang and Ms Liu Jun as its Honorary Presidents.

The AA believes in the motto of “Improving oneself unremittingly, striving hard to progress, and working hard to overcome challenges”, and following the guiding ideology of “taking affection as binding ties, activities as the main method, cooperation and exchange as the channel, and career development as the main aim”, the AA has constantly strengthened the ties among fellow alumni as well as the bond between NTU alumni and their alma mater. The AA has paved the way for alumni to engage in entrepreneurship and innovation, and rendered strong support to their career development.

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安徽校友会秉承母校 “自强不息,力求上进” 的校训,遵循 “以感情为纽带,以活动为平台,以合作为渠道,以发展为目标” 的精神,不断加强校友之间,校友与学校之间的联系,通过扎扎实实的服务为校友创业创新铺路搭桥,为校友事业发展推波助澜,使校友会成为校友们的精神家园。


NTU Alumni As​sociation (Anhui)
Mr Yue Chuanjing 岳传静会长
Tel: (86)13618669990
Number of alumni in Anhui 在安徽的校友人数: 408

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