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NTU Symphonic Winds was first formed in 1998, when a group of alumni from the Nanyang Technological University Symphonic Band sought to continue performing after graduation, fuelled by their passion to continue playing their instruments. From that initiative, concerts and collaborative performances with other bands have been held. In addition, alumni band members also regularly perform guest items in NTUSW's annual concert series, Sojourn. 

Today, NTU Symphonic Winds aims to be the platform for enthusiastic alumni band members to continue to gather and make music together, under the baton of conductor Mr Takehiro Oura. The inclusion of all alumni from all the way back to 1998 also allows for a collaboration and meeting of minds across batches and even generations. Though the band is made of diverse members from all walks of life, we are bonded by our common interest and goal of presenting quality music to our audiences, as well as continuing to hone and craft and constantly challenging our limits. 

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NTU Symphonic Winds Alumni Association
Mr See Kah Siong
c/o Alumni ​​Affairs Office, Nanyang Technological University
76 Nanyang Drive, N2.1-B3-02, Singapore 637331
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