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In memoriam of Professor Lee Sing Kong
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Dear alumni,

It is with deep sorrow and profound sadness that I share with you the heartbroken news that Professor Lee Sing Kong, NTU’s Vice President (Alumni and Advancement) passed away on Friday evening, 19 May 2017.

It was so painful to look back that he was with us at the AAO Staff Retreat and delivered a powerful and influential speech just a few days ago on Wednesday, 17 May. Prof Lee was a widely respected academic known for his dedication to education. As Director of the National Institute of Education (NIE), he spearheaded many key initiatives that has greatly impacted teacher education in Singapore and internationally.

In August 2015, he was concurrently appointed as NTU’s Vice President in charge of alumni and advancement. Since then, he was fully committed to alumni engagement and worked tirelessly with all of us at AAO to engage our alumni worldwide. He worked methodically and creatively on crafting new strategies and trail-blazing new directions to strengthen the University's engagement with our alumni and to cultivate alumni affinity to NTU.

He creatively theorised the unique Three Dimensional Engagement Model, i.e., alma mater to alumni, alumni to alma mater and alumni to alumni, which has become a guiding principle for NTU alumni engagement. This brilliant guiding framework has led to a paradigm shift for us to work closely with Colleges, Schools and Halls, which has quickly yielded successful results in engaging local and overseas alumni.

One significant result attributing to Prof Lee’s contribution for NTU’s alumni engagement is that, NTU, for the first time, has been awarded as one of the two finalists in the Asia Pacific Region for the 2017 CASE Circle of Excellence - Platinum Categories: Best Practices in Alumni Relations. Prof Lee liked to directly interface with alumni through all possible means and channels. He devoted a lot of time to connect with our alumni. He organised and hosted Alumni Council and ExCo meetings; he attended many major events in Singapore, such as School-based reunions, Welcome 2016 Alumni Party, Alumni Homecoming and visited overseas alumni in Malaysia, China, the Philippines, Cambodia, India, UAE and USA.

He was detailed oriented and always listened to alumni’s concerns and tried to understand their needs. When some alumni had different views and opinions, he would always meet with them face to face, unwearyingly listened to them and patiently explained to get his views across.

He was instrumental in driving a number of innovative strategies to enhance cultivation of alumni relations. Under his empowering leadership, we have formed the NTU Alumni Council and Executive Committee as the umbrella leading body to bridge and connect alumni to the alma mater. We have set up new alumni associations in Singapore as well as overseas. We have also created a new format called Alumni Circles to connect to alumni in more countries. We have also successfully launched the NTU Alumni Mobile App to bring NTU’s alumni engagement into the digital age due to his vision.

Prof Lee is a great mentor, leader and orator. He is full of wisdom and with great generosity in sharing his experiences. His punchy and infectious speeches are always motivating and inspiring. He has left tremendous legacy to continue to guide and inspire us to keep working hard, exploring new territories and to ascend to a new height.

Please join me in expressing our deepest condolences to his beloved family. Thank you, Prof Lee for your guidance and leadership to us. We will hold you close within our hearts and miss you forever. Rest in Peace, Prof Lee!

With deep sadness,

NTU Chief Alumni Affairs Officer

Note: Upon learning about Prof Lee’s passing, many alumni wrote to us to express their mourning and grief. You may read their touching tributes here. If you would like to leave your tributes for Prof Lee, you may do so in the comments section on the Facebook post here.

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