In fond memory of Prof Lee Sing Kong

As I sat in your nice NTU office, admiring the view, you were in a story telling mood, time stood still.
Your voice carried the usual strength, propelled by vision, your stories flowed like the oscar script, needed no revision.

There was the unusual beginning as an involved horticulturist, 
And the fated symphony to weave education in NIE, almost opportunist.

The time when you wanted practical use of research assignments, where classrooms are alive with sharing and engagements.
Where teachers are guided by values and making a difference, where nurturing a child is core to your belief, where the showers of learning passions will bring relief.


You turned to another pride in LEPI, when you paused to beam at its alumni.
You said of the surprise, the huge conference in the Philippines even as you recall, of the strong network across so many others – Hong Kong, Brunei, Indonesia, Vietnam, Germany, and many more.
The international connection was beyond your original dreams, the friendships cherished, hoping for eternal teams.


Life's events may not be always be what we want to be, so even as we cherished more and further we wanted to see, we bid farewell and...

Thank You, our dear Prof Lee.

Lim Seng Hock (MPE/1988 and NIE/2008 (LEPI programme))
With love from students of John Dewey School for Children in Quezon City, Philippines
Professor Lee had been a very good example for all of us. He inspired many people at NIE. One of them is my teacher, Teacher Rochelle. He was so passionate about education that is why many have been motivated by the things that he did for education. He moulded school leaders that have become the main motivators of their students, for them to become the next generation's leaders.
I wish I could have met him in person because from the videos and pictures he seemed to be a very friendly person. I want to learn how he inspired people just like how he inspired the teachers at NIE. He will be greatly remembered by his family and friends and also everyone who were inspired by his actions in making Singapore great in education.   
I would like to express my sincerest condolences on the passing of Prof Lee, the one who inspired many teachers. 
I met Prof Lee when we attended the launch of the NTU Alumni Association that was held last year here in the Philippines. I was not able to know him well but my teacher, Teacher Rochelle, was able to share with us who Prof Lee was. We hoped to meet him when we went to NTU for a tour, but unfortunately he was busy.
Prof Lee inspired not only teachers, but also us, students, on how to become a good leader. He was indeed a great man--full of inspiring and wise words. My heart melted when I heard the news that he passed away on Friday. I did not expect it to happen. I always wanted to personally know him, but sadly, I would not be able to do that anymore.

I would like to express our deepest sympathies for the loss of Prof Lee Sing Kong. We wish the family and friends of Prof Lee peace and comfort in these days of bereavement. His kindness will not be forgotten.

It's unfortunate that I never had the chance to meet Prof Lee Sing Kong. However, with the stories that our school directress, Teacher Rochelle and my classmates would tell me about him, I had a clear vision of what he was like – a humble and down-to-earth leader.

Our school would have an annual internationalisation programme in Singapore and luckily in most of our visits we had the chance to tour around National Institute of Education (NIE) and Nanyang Technological Univeristy (NTU).

It was actually surprising that a small school like us would get to be accommodated in a prestigious, world-class university such as NTU. Thanks to Prof Lee Sing Kong for his generosity in opening NIE and NTU to us, Filipino children. We indeed had a fun and memorable experience during each visit.

Prof Lee Sing Kong had touched the hearts of many with his inspirational speeches and kind deeds. We are truly sad that he had to leave us this early. I express my deepest sympathies to his friends and family.

The first time I met Prof Lee was when I, along with some of my schoolmates, presented a medley of traditional dances at the NTU Alumni Association (Philippines). Teacher Rochelle introduced me and my classmate to him, as we presented our gift. He greeted us with a warm smile. We watched as he conversed with Teacher Rochelle, their laughter displaying the close friendship they had.

It is incredible that even without having much interactions with Prof Lee, he has still touched the hearts of me, and my fellow classmates. He has done so much to help our school. He will always be in my thoughts and prayers.  

吾辈痛定忆风华,万千泪落无力擦。- 陕西周详红敬挽
往生极乐世界,功在当代,德批千秋,万代师表,杰出楷模!​- 北京李樵敬挽
李盛光校长永远活在南大校友的心里!- 河南崔世忠敬挽
李校长去年到贵州茅台,对贵州留下了深刻印象,在去遵义的途中,坐在我车上对我说,他还要来贵州… 在茅台,还有校长封的酒… 是的,我们还说等他一起再去茅台镇品酒呢!- 贵州校友会沈晓鹤会长
我们敬爱的李院长,NIE的学生都能感觉得到他像爸爸一样的关怀着他的学生。他离开我们了。愿他天国走好,各位校友节哀顺变!多保重!- 广西校友会施羽
光阴逝寰宇留孺子牛精神长安息 - 上海于东航
- 上海校友会秘书长赵军

--- 深切缅怀李盛光副校长






最难忘的是 “南洋一号” 封坛仪式,您系一袭火红的围巾,风度翩翩与大家并肩在舞台,品一杯美酒,竖起大拇指,充分肯定了我们的爱心与奉献!

您还有一坛 “南洋一号”,留在了茅台镇。我们将永远为您保存,只为经常感受您的气息。






一代英才,永垂不朽!- 南大北京校友会会长孙侠

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