​We first came to know Prof Lee Sing Kong when he attended our inaugural Malaysian NTUAA Launch Dinner & AGM 3 years ago in Kuala Lumpur. One can never forget him as he always had that cheery smile and with his booming voice that clearly exemplifies a passionate man with a mission to transform people around him towards a better society. 

His support for NTUAA activities continued with his tireless attention and dedication to create a strong NTUAA movement that we always feel the need to reciprocate. In the numerous NTUAA meetings that we had with him, his resonating voice had such power that no one can doubt his sincerity in creating a strong NTUAA which thanks to him, is what it is today. 

Another strength of his is his humility which we much appreciated when he whole heartedly agreed to cramp into a bus from Singapore to Malacca to attend our NTUAA Malaysia’s 2016 AGM last year. Once again, his encouraging speech of how NTUAA from different chapters should work closely together is something that we shall always cherish – coming from a man that has done so much for NTUAA.

Farewell our friend Prof Lee, while we may have lost a loved one; your passion, voice and mission is still alive within our hearts! - Chris Choy (CEE/1986), President, NTUAA (Malaysia) 
An educator. A doer. A believer. Professor Lee Sing Kong has been instrumental in many people’s lives. For those of us privileged enough to have known him, a gregarious, dedicated, wise and firm mentor is exactly what he was. He was a direct man, who would speak his mind because he knew that was the best way forward. With that, he has made many friends all over the world. 

I have been privileged to have seen his magic and to have witnessed how great men in powerful positions welcomed him with open arms, like an old trusted friend.

I have been privileged to have sat in his office, countless times seeking his wise counsel, and getting some of the best advice.

I have been privileged to have had meals with him, during which I gleaned pearls of wisdom. Pearls that would forever change my life and shape my perspective for the better.

I have been privileged to have heard him speak with conviction and passion on education, life and progress.

I have been privileged to have known a great man. 

Professor Lee Sing Kong, you live forever. In our hearts, in the legacies you left behind and in all the good that came about because of you.

Rest in peace, for your work will be continued, your goodness felt and your mentorship remembered.

I miss you
. - Rasiah Raslyn Agatha (WKWSCI/2000), President, NTUAA (GCC)
To the late Professor Lee Sing Kong:

Dearest Professor Lee Sing Kong,
​While we only know each other for less than 3 years, we are like good old friends with plenty of topics to talk about every time we meet.

Together, we always tell our new contacts that both of us share a common childhood experience in Malaysia. 

You had your humble beginnings in a small 'kampong' called Bukit Pelandok at Negeri Sembilan, whereas I started my humble childhood at the Klang Valley in KL.

We both ended up in Singapore and did well in our respective fields.

We share common philosophies in life and believed in doing our best to try to bridge the Nantah Alumni with the university.

We have so much to share and have exchanged many pointers for the advancement of NTU. I like horticulture as much as you do. I 'playfully' teased you on your limited edition Mini Cooper car. It showed that you lived your life to the fullest.

I was told by your staff that you have mentioned my name a few times in different meetings. They sensed that I am one of your favorite alumni supporter. It has been my honor to be recognized by you and to have worked with you to support your meaningful cause.

We have just met on 17 May 2017 and you were your usual energetic self during the NTU BCP Fundraising Golf event. We spoke a lot and took many photos together with the GOH Minister Masagos Zulkifli, donors and sponsors. You said that you wanted to pick up golf again and join us to play next year. 
I missed the chance to walk you down from the dining hall to the pick up point. I respected your courteous reply in not needing me to walk you down. You even informed me to send your regards to my wife, Michelle. On your way home, you also sent your appreciation note through WhatsApp to thank me and the BCP committee on the successful 2nd fundraising golf event.

We are supposed to arrange for a family dinner together again, as we have so much more to catch up on.
My dearest 'big brother' and wonderful friend, your sudden passing is a shock to me and my family. You will be dearly missed by everyone. I will also miss our usual banter.

I will remember you as a highly passionate, dynamic, inspiring and humble horticulturist, educator, leader, mentor, mediator, 'big brother' and great friend. I have learnt so much from you, especially from your powerful and inspiring speeches.

We hope to continue your legacy and aspirations for the advancement of NTU and the community-at-large.

May you Rest In Peace. - 
Simon Lee Zee Sye (CEE/1998), Chairman, NTU Business and Community Partners; Founder and Group CEO, Thatz International, Thatz Resources and Thatz (Malaysia)
NTU Alumni Association (Europe) stands in grief with Prof Lee Sing Kong’s loved ones, friends, relatives, colleagues and the larger alumni community across the globe, on the sudden demise of Prof Lee. My first interaction with Prof Lee was in his role as NTU’s Vice President (Alumni and Advancement) and at the initiation under his leadership of the NTU Alumni Council. The grit and determination and a sense of purpose was embedded in his personality. The more I learnt about his prior work experience and achievements, it was clear that he will bring the same level of success to this organization.

Within a matter of a few months, the effect of his leadership was visible in everything that the NTU Alumni stands for today and the organization continues to make enormous strides. NTU Alumni Association (Europe) has greatly benefitted from his vision and generosity to bring alumni from far, closer to the alma mater and Singapore. He will be missed but at the same time continue to inspire the coming generations for achieving greater heights. - Dr Vinay Kalia, President, NTUAA (Europe)

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