Nanyang Technological University

Accepted entries winners

  • Counting Votes
    Mr Cheng He, student, SCBE
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  • ADM
    Mr Miao Jianwei, student, SCBE
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  • Amazed!
    Mr Zhou Lixin, student, MSc(Master of Public Administration Programme) 
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  • Reaching for the Goal
    Mr Cheong Tzeh Leong, student, SCE 
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  • Sung with Love for NTU
    Mr Elijah-James Ke Rushan, student, NBS 
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  • Theatre of Dreams
    Mr Ho Tiew VU, student, SCE 
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  • Marching
    Mr Le Quang Hung, alumnus, SCE 
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  • Leaving Our Mark
    Mr Derek Ho Weiming, student, MAE 
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  • Singapore Doesn't Clean Herself
    Dr Yeoh Kok Cheow, staff, WKWSCI 
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