Nanyang Technological University

President's Message to Students

Dear Students,​

As I begin my tenure today as the President of NTU Singapore, I write to wish you all much happiness and good health in the new year. I hope that 2018 will bring you great achievement and fulfilment.

It is my honour to join you in service of this great university that stands for all the values I hold near and dear  ̶  excellence in education, learning, discovery and innovation; sustainable impact on society; global engagement; improving the human condition; and dedication to our communities. 

As NTU students today, you play a pivotal role in defining and creating the rhythm, buzz, pace and evolving history of NTU in all of your activities. As future leaders and global citizens, you will have a substantial impact in influencing the human condition and the course of the 21st century. I am very much looking forward to the privilege of working closely with the highly talented and dedicated cohort of students in this diverse and vibrant university community. It is very important to me that your learning experience and life on campus are rewarding, well-balanced and satisfying. I also hope that your time here as undergraduate, postgraduate or professional students will lay the foundation for lifelong connections to NTU.

During the past few months, I have had the pleasure of getting to know many students, alumni and members of the university community on various occasions, including at meetings, events and special retreats organised around campus and across Singapore as part of my ongoing listening tour.  My visits to various units across our diverse and vibrant community will continue in the coming weeks and months, so that I can benefit from your thoughts, perspectives and aspirations for the University as part of my extensive listening tour.   

My wife, Mary, and I are touched by the warm reception and friendly welcome you have extended to us since the news of my appointment several months ago. We have made many new friendships, and reconnected with a large number of colleagues at NTU and in Singapore, some of whom we have known for more than 25 years. We have now established our new home on this beautiful campus.   

We look forward to visiting with you in a variety of formal and informal gatherings and events at the residential halls, cafeterias and President’s Lodge, and around campus and across Singapore. I also look forward to working with you to advance NTU's mission of creating and sharing knowledge for the benefit of Singapore and the world at large.

With best regards

Subra Suresh
Distinguished University Professor

​Date: 1 Jan 2018

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