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Welcome to Nanyang Technological University

NTU is a global university on a rapid rise​. Ranked 11​th in the world, it is also the world's top young elite university. NTU is a vibrant hub for learning and a hotbed for research at the confluence of the most important disciplines. As the President of this cosmopolitan university at the gateway between the East and West, I cannot imagine a more exciting place to be.

Whether you are a student, professor, alumnus, partner or donor, you will find a myriad of programmes and initiatives here that will interest you.

NTU is a microcosm of the world. Our international reputation and standing has enabled us to attract the best and brightest students, including a growing number of top students in Singapore. We prepare our students for a globalised world and we do research that will improve the lives of mankind and benefit humanity.

Established in 1991, NTU is one of the biggest engineering universities in the world, and with two-thirds of the university in the various fields of engineering, this discipline remains a major strength. But it is not just about engineering. Besides the six undergraduate schools in the colleges of engineering, there are another six schools in business, science, and humanities, arts and social sciences. We also have two graduate schools, a national institute of education and more than 70 research centres. Our business school is consistently ranked one of the best in Asia.

Our new medical school, set up jointly with Imperial College London, one of the world’s best universities, enrolled its first batch of students in 2013. The school marks the first time that Imperial has stepped outside its base in London to partner with another university.

Two national research centres of excellence at NTU, the Earth Observatory of Singapore and Singapore Centre on Environmental Life Sciences Engineering, carry out research related to natural hazards and water and environmental sustainability with the aim of improving life and protecting the planet. They are led by pioneers and world authorities in their respective fields, including Prof Kerry Sieh, who initiated the field of paleoseismology; Prof Chris Newhall, the world’s foremost authority on volcanism of Southeast Asia; Prof Paul Tapponnier, the most influential and accomplished neotectonicist of his generation; Prof Staffan Kjelleberg, a leading authority and pioneer in biofilm biology; and Prof Stephan Schuster, known for his groundbreaking work on sequencing the DNA of the extinct woolly mammoth. NTU is also home to the Institute on Asian Consumer Insight, the first organisation in the world to focus on Asian consumer behaviour.

As the world’s problems are getting more complex and are not organised along the traditional academic disciplines, we believe the key to uncovering new knowledge is through interdisciplinary studies and research.

Fuelling Singapore’s drive for research and innovation, NTU's new five-year strategic plan, NTU 2020, builds on strong foundations of NTU 2015 and aims to propel NTU to greater heights of research excellence. The plan focuses on five key research thrusts – Sustainable Earth, Global Asia, Secure Community, Healthy Society and Future Learning. Many of our professors and researchers have helped to put Singapore on the world map through their cutting-edge work in these interdisciplinary spheres.

NTU has also had continued success in securing competitive grants, which have increased significantly since 2005, NTU is a world leader in the area of sustainability.

To excel in the fast-changing global workplace, our graduates will need to be versatile, creative, socially competent and at ease with different cultures. NTU nurtures these qualities through a flexible, broad-based curriculum, coupled with an enriching campus life, leadership opportunities and exposure to international environments. Lessons are conducted in a 21st century IT-enabled environment that promotes critical thinking and communication skills.

We are pleased that employers think highly of NTU graduates and each graduating class has enjoyed high employment, with fresh graduates getting multiple job offers, being offered jobs while on internships, taking on careers overseas and some even becoming entrepreneurs and creating jobs for others.

Employers appreciate that NTU graduates are culturally-intelligent. This is because they work, play and live in a vibrant global setting. NTU is ranked sixth in the world for its international profile. In recent years, we have attracted a record number of internationally-acclaimed scientists, including the leading lights of science and technology. A number of our programmes are conducted jointly with top overseas universities, giving students access to global perspectives. As a university that solves real-world problems, NTU works with major industry players and research organisations. In fact, leading technology-based institutions such as BMW, Rolls-Royce, Thales, Lockheed Martin and Robert Bosch have chosen to set up joint laboratories with us.

As the university expands, the physical environment must grow in tandem to meet new needs. Under our campus master plan guided by sustainability principles, the main NTU campus will be transformed into a sustainable “univer-city” with refreshing social spaces that promote interaction. Coming soon: two learning hubs, an experimental medicine building, nine new halls of residence and new faculty housing. Construction of a clinical sciences building for the medical school has also begun at our Novena campus.

I invite you to come and share in these exciting times, and to seize opportunities to make a difference while you are here. Whether as a future Nobel laureate on the brink of a life-changing breakthrough, a student entrepreneur with an out-of-the-box innovation, or a driver of a social enterprise that brings hope to those in need, there’s space here to call your own. See you soon.

Professor Bertil Andersson
Nanyang Technological University

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